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Bulls say moderating wage growth and an increase in the participation rate keep the Federal Reserve on track to reduce interest rates as soon as June, but bears contend the central bank is running out of time to enact three cuts before the end of the year.

For people already in retirement, or nearing it, it's a stressful situation. But having a financial plan in place and being able to navigate what retirement will look like in the future can alleviate that anxiety.

The Lockhart, Texas-based advisor couple join the tax-focused wealth planning network with years of experience at a family-owned practice.

ǿ޴ý Welcomes Financial Advisors Heidi and Nicholas Irwin, Longtime Fixtures of the Lockhart, Texas, Community

Having been part of a family-owned business for many years, personal relationships are key to Heidi and Nic, and they said they’ve seen that reflected in the culture of the ǿ޴ý Community.

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While the firm is best known for its tax expertise, Todd Mackay is talking about relationships and creating connections.

AdvisorHub asked executives from top firms their thoughts on the wealth management industry. Here is how Emily Millsap CFP®, Manager, Financial Planning at ǿ޴ý Wealth Management responded.

The Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act has been slowly moving through Congress, and there’s confusion whether it’s better to file now or wait. Some taxpayers will be significantly impacted by this legislation, and the longer we wait, the more compressed tax season becomes.

"It really begins at identifying the needs of the client," Mackay said. "That's when you get truly comprehensive, tax-intelligent financial planning is when you're looking at it through the entire lifecycle and journey of a client. And that's really what ǿ޴ý Financial Professionals do best."

Inflation came in a little bit hotter than expected last month, the January Consumer Price Index (CPI) report revealed Tuesday, all but ensuring that the Federal Reserve won't enact as many interest rate cuts this year as the market had hoped.

With the December CPI report now a matter of record, we turned to economists, strategists and other experts for their thoughts on what the data means for markets, macroeconomics and monetary policy going forward.

What if advisors could create New Year’s resolutions for their clients? ǿ޴ý's Emily Millsap explores the impact of emotions on the financial decisions we make.

Now that Cetera Financial Group has completed its $1.2 billion acquisition of tax-focused ǿ޴ý, what’s next? Assimilation. But not integration.

ǿ޴ý Welcomes Stephen Whyte and his Four-Generation Tax and Wealth Management Firm with Over $100 Million in Total Client Assets

Tax-focused Financial Professional transferred from Crown Capital Securities to leverage ǿ޴ý’s tax-intelligent tools, technology and Home Office’s 40 years of experience supporting tax professionals

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A better-than-expected November jobs report appears to keep the economy on path for a so-called soft landing, experts say, but also lowers the odds that the central bank will start cutting rates in the first quarter of 2024.

Advisors Can Support Clients’ Holiday Charitable Giving With Innovative Tax Strategies That Maximize Gift Values, Reduce Taxes And More

Cetera Holdings Announces Close of ǿ޴ý Acquisition

ǿ޴ý to operate as a unique community within Cetera Holdings, bringing more than 3,100 financial professionals and over $82 billion in assets to Cetera

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ǿ޴ý Welcomes Financial Advisors Joshua Heims and Alan Gnoinski with Nearly $100 Million in Total Client Assets

Focused on growth and expanding partnerships with tax professionals, Heims and Gnoinski bring their New York-based Lincoln Sparrow Advisors team to ǿ޴ý from SagePoint Financial

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ǿ޴ý Hosts its Largest-Ever National Conference as Attendees Gather in Chicago, Showcasing the Peer-to-Peer Power of the ǿ޴ý Community

The event’s “Profound Approach, Enduring Impact” theme reflects how independent ǿ޴ý Financial Professionals’ tax-intelligent approach to financial planning changes clients’ lives.

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Inflation slowed markedly last month on both a headline and underlying basis, the October Consumer Price Index (CPI) showed Tuesday, giving support to the view that the Federal Reserve is done hiking interest rates this cycle, experts say.

ǿ޴ý Posts Record Newly Recruited Assets as Advisor Appetite for Joining the Tax-Focused ǿ޴ý Community Keeps Growing

Nearly $564 million in third quarter newly recruited assets more than doubles the year-ago quarter.

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A soft October jobs report gives the Federal Reserve cover to keep interest rates unchanged at the next Fed meeting, experts say. Just remember that the "data dependent" central bank will see one more jobs report – and two inflation readings – before it convenes for the last time in 2023, they add.

To help gauge the level of risk and opportunities spreading across the fixed-income markets, etf.com gathered perspectives from seven bond market professionals on what the near-term future looks like for investors.

Financial Advisor Aaron Watson Returns to ǿ޴ý, Joined by Public Accounting Partner Lee MacBay Hamilton & Associates, LLC

One year after transferring to Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., Watson rejoins ǿ޴ý to regain the benefits of its tax-centric platform, technology and Home Office

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ǿ޴ý Welcomes Financial Advisor Bob Ervolina and his New York-based Lifetime Wealth Management Group

25-year industry veteran advisor attracted by close-knit ǿ޴ý Community, ease of doing business, and opportunities to partner with CPAs in the ǿ޴ý network.

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In wealth management, the act of simply disclosing the number of women who are financial advisors within a firm represents differentiation from the competition.

ǿ޴ý Has Second-Highest Ratio of Women Advisors Among Broker-Dealers in Financial Planning’s IBD Elite 2023 Study

ǿ޴ý’s ratio of women Financial Professionals also compares favorably to the industry average of 18%.

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The independent brokerages participating in Financial Planning's 38th annual IBD Elite study reported that their businesses grew 6% in 2022 to a combined $41.13 billion in revenue.

ǿ޴ý Enters into Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by Cetera Holdings

ǿ޴ý Financial Professionals and Accounting Firms to Expand and Enhance Cetera’s Wealth Management Group Ecosystem

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ǿ޴ý added an eight-person team in Burbank, Calif., with more than $230 million in client assets.

ǿ޴ý Welcomes Anna Luke and Her Comprehensive Financial Services Team with over $230 Million in Total Client Assets

30-year-old, California-based wealth management firm attracted by opportunities to partner with CPAs across the ǿ޴ý Community to deliver unified services to clients.

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ǿ޴ý, a publicly traded, tax-focused wealth management firm with more than $83 billion in client assets, added two firms this week, totally approximately $450 million in brokerage and advisory assets.

The process may seem too daunting, but by combining their expertise and embracing a holistic approach, tax professionals and financial advisors have the opportunity to enhance their services, boost their respective practices' profitability and further deepen the tax professional's client relationships.

Summit Wealth Advocates, founded in 2010 by Bruce Primeau and managing about $330 million in total client assets as of the end of June, has joined ǿ޴ý.

ǿ޴ý Welcomes CFR Capital with $120 Million in Total Client Assets

Scottsdale-based firm attracted by ǿ޴ý’s technology, tax-focus and collaborative community.

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ǿ޴ý Named Finalist in Service Excellence Category at the 2023 WealthManagement.com “Wealthies” Industry Awards

Firm's proactive service journey and subsequent results earn nod from notable industry awards.

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ǿ޴ý Acquires Summit Wealth Advocates Adding 7-person Team and $330 Million in Total Client Assets to ǿ޴ý’s Employee-based Model

ǿ޴ý® has acquired Summit Wealth Advocates (Summit), a Minnesota-based wealth management firm with approximately $330 million in total client assets as of June 30, 2023.

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ǿ޴ý Recruiting Outlook Remains Strong as Tax and Financial Professionals Seek Faster Growth and Superior Service

More than 100 independent Financial Professionals have joined ǿ޴ý this year through the second quarter as they seek better support, resources and more collaboration on tax-intelligent planning.

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With the July CPI report now in the books, we turned to economists, strategists, investment officers and other experts to get their takes on what the inflation data means for markets, macroeconomics and monetary policy going forward.

U.S. News asked experts to weigh in on some of the soundest investing strategies to use throughout your life. Here's a look at 10 of the best long-term investment strategies.

ǿ޴ý Earns 2023 Great Place to Work Certification

ǿ޴ý®, a leader in tax-focused financial planning and wealth management, announced it has earned the Great Place to Work certification.

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ǿ޴ý Promotes Jennifer Hutchins to Co-Chief Investment Officer

Hutchins and Co-CIO Ivan Gruhl will further enhance impact of research and investment management for ǿ޴ý’s independent Financial Professionals and accounting firms.

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ǿ޴ý Expands Business Development Team with Veteran Financial Services Recruiters, each with More than 30 Years of Experience

Bruce Tuckey and Dave Renko bring decades of experience to their roles at ǿ޴ý and will help expand the ǿ޴ý Community of accounting firms and tax-focused Financial Professionals.

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ǿ޴ý Reports Robust Recruiting Pipeline as Prospects Continue to See Tax-Advantaged Wealth Management as a Preferred Growth Pathway

ǿ޴ý reports more than $228 million in newly recruited assets during 2023’s first quarter with continued interest from growth-minded independent financial professionals and accounting firms.

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ǿ޴ý Welcomes Walter Pardo and His New Jersey-based Wealth Financial Partners Team

A successful and growth-minded financial advisor, Pardo chose ǿ޴ý for its tax-focused approach to wealth management, specialized Home Office support teams, and deep network of CPAs and tax professionals

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ǿ޴ý Launches its Women’s Advisor Forum to Further Empower Female Financial Professionals

Growth-minded Financial Professionals want the competitive advantage of ǿ޴ý’s tax-focused wealth management, service excellence and close-knit ǿ޴ý community of like-minded Financial Professionals

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Let’s be blunt. Broker/dealers aren’t the darlings of the wealth management industry they once were, having struggled to adapt to external forces and the onset of discount brokerages that have made investing accessible for millions.

ǿ޴ý Sets Record with Approximately $1.7 Billion in Full-Year 2022 Newly Recruited Assets, up Approximately 79% from the Prior Year

ǿ޴ý continued its record-breaking recruiting results during the fourth quarter of 2022, contributing to full-year 2022 newly recruited assets of approximately $1.7 billion, an increase of approximately 79% over 2021.

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News of the many changes in the SECURE 2.0 Act, signed by President Biden on Dec. 29, 2022, has circulated to every corner of America’s financial world.

ǿ޴ý Appoints Melissa Loner as Chief Compliance Officer

“I am pleased to welcome Melissa who joins an energized ǿ޴ý leadership team committed to creating value for our Financial Professionals, CPA firms, Home Office staff, and investors,” said Chris Walters, CEO of ǿ޴ý, Inc.

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We ask a series of top Wealth Management CEOs the same set of questions and let you, our audience, get a sense of how different leaders address the same challenges, and try to get a glimpse into their unique world view.

As we turn the page into a new year, we talk about resolutions, plans and strategies for making 2023 the year we finally achieve a long-standing dream or goal, and for many, that goal is retirement.

It's time to schedule year-end tax conversations with clients — before the coming holidays consume their schedules and yours.

ǿ޴ý Wealth Management Hosts 1,100 Affiliates, Educational Partners and Home Office Staff at National Conference in Atlanta

“Power of Community” themed event showcases success of the ǿ޴ý Community, and the company’s focus on helping Financial Professionals grow their businesses

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20 Acquisitions in 20 Months Fuel Significant Growth of ǿ޴ý’s Employee-Based RIA Model

A series of acquisitions has helped the ǿ޴ý® employee-based model to significantly grow total client assets and its geographic footprint.

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Seventy-four financial professionals switched their broker-dealer affiliation to ǿ޴ý in the third quarter, the Dallas-based wealth management firm said.

ǿ޴ý Recruiting Success Continues During Third Quarter, Driving Year-to-Date Newly Recruited Assets to Approximately $1.3 Billion

Financial Professionals transferring to ǿ޴ý to access its deep network of CPAs and tax pros; recruits also looking to leverage ǿ޴ý’s tax-smart investing tools to better serve clients

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Public Accounting Firm Topel Forman Affiliates with ǿ޴ý Planning Partners for Wealth Management and Financial Planning Services

120-person firm chooses ǿ޴ý for its proven model, successful track record partnering with accounting firms

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ǿ޴ý President Todd Mackay Joins Jay Coulter on “The Resilient Advisor Show”

Todd Mackay, President of ǿ޴ý Wealth Management, discusses why tax-centric financial advisors are uniquely positioned amid market volatility.

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ǿ޴ý Reports Newly Recruited Total Client Assets Exceeding $1 Billion During First Half of 2022, Surpassing the Firm’s Full-Year 2021 Results

Growth-minded Financial Professionals want the competitive advantage of ǿ޴ý’s tax-focused wealth management, service excellence and close-knit ǿ޴ý community of like-minded Financial Professionals

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Veteran Financial Advisor Jeffrey Steinberg Joins ǿ޴ý’s Employee-based RIA, Expanding ǿ޴ý RIA Footprint to Florida

20-year financial services veteran leverages flexible ǿ޴ý affiliation models to create a future focused on consistent client service and growth opportunities

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ǿ޴ý Planning Partners Recognizes Affiliate Accomplishments During National Conference

Annual Elevate Conference showcases highest performing individuals and firms

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ǿ޴ý Planning Partners Recognizes Affiliate Accomplishments During Largest-ever National Conference

ǿ޴ý Planning Partners Recognizes Affiliate Accomplishments During Largest-ever National Conference. Annual Elevate Conference showcases high-performance individuals and firms.

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ǿ޴ý Welcomes ATS Advanced Trustee Strategies with Over $400 Million in Total Client Assets

Highly successful veteran advisor Sandeep Varma chooses ǿ޴ý to access its vast network of CPAs, tax pros and accounting firms, and for direct access to ǿ޴ý senior leadership.

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ǿ޴ý Posts Record-setting Recruiting Results During the First Quarter of 2022 with approximately $529 Million in Recruited Assets

Financial Professionals are transferring to ǿ޴ý for better service levels, enhanced technology and products, direct access to senior ǿ޴ý leadership, and a strong sense of community.

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ǿ޴ý Adds Veteran Business Development Leader Elvis Medica as Success Grows Recruiting Highly Productive Financial Professionals

Medica’s experience includes leadership roles with Cetera Financial Group, a large LPL-affiliated OSJ, and several other national sales positions for brokerage and mutual fund companies

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ǿ޴ý Welcomes Sullivan Financial Services, Inc., with More Than $200 Million in Total Client Assets

Thomas Sullivan chooses ǿ޴ý for its responsiveness, product lineup, and strong network of accounting firms to further enhance growth opportunities in Las Vegas

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ǿ޴ý Acquires Gene Bell & Associates, Expanding Employee-based RIA Footprint to the Northwest

Well-known tax expert and Financial Professional Gene Bell joins ǿ޴ý, further strengthening the firm’s value to CPAs and tax pros serving clients at the intersection of tax and financial planning

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ǿ޴ý President Todd Mackay to Open Annual FSI OneVoice Conference

Several ǿ޴ý leaders slated as featured speakers on FSI OneVoice panels in Dallas

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ǿ޴ý Works with the SEC to Settle 1st Global Regulatory Matter

ǿ޴ý® reported today that it has entered into a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on behalf of 1st Global Advisors, Inc., which was acquired by ǿ޴ý’s parent in May 2019.

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ǿ޴ý Acquires Warner Finance, with $258 Million in Client Assets, Further Expanding Northeast Footprint of ǿ޴ý’s Employee-based RIA

ǿ޴ý®, a leader in tax-focused financial planning, has acquired Pennsylvania-based Warner Finance, with approximately $258 million in total client assets as of Oct. 11, 2021.

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ǿ޴ý Completes Acquisition of Headquarters Advisory Group, LLC

ǿ޴ý℠, a leader in tax-focused financial planning, has closed its acquisition of New Jersey-based Headquarters Advisory Group, LLC, with approximately $1.1 billion in total client assets as of June 30, 2021.

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ǿ޴ý Agrees to Acquire Headquarters Advisory Group, LLC, with $1.1 Billion in Client Assets, which would Expand ǿ޴ý’s In-house RIA to Northeast

Transaction would enable independent affiliate to monetize its firm, shift administrative tasks to ǿ޴ý, and fully focus on growth and superior end-client service

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ǿ޴ý President Todd Mackay to Open FSI OneVoice Conference in Orlando with Other ǿ޴ý Leaders Attending as Featured Panelists

FSI annual conference brings together independent financial services firm executives to share critical insights on the most important issues affecting their businesses

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ǿ޴ý Expands Presence at AICPA Engage 2021 to Share How Integrating Financial Planning Services Helps Accounting Firms Drive Growth

From in-person meetings at Booth #225, to hosting a session on developing a business succession plan, ǿ޴ý will show how offering holistic financial services enhances accounting firm value

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ǿ޴ý Wealth Management Hosts Nearly 1,000 Affiliates, Partners and Home Office Staff at National Conference in Dallas

In-person meetings, collaboration and celebration of affiliates’ successes launch ǿ޴ý and its unique community of Financial Professionals into the second half of 2021 and beyond

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